Disaster Recovery

Damage caused by fire, smoke or a flooded basement could turn your life upside down in a matter of minutes. Many insurance companies take their time to respond, but we respect the urgency of your situation and can quickly offer a helping hand with expert restoration services that allow you to regain a sense of normalcy and control.

Water Damage & Flooded Basements

Call Grief Relief if last night’s torrential downpour has ended up in your the basement and we can be on-site in a moment. Rapid response allows us to quickly access the situation and begin to work on the cleanup to avoid any additional damages.

We use pumps, dehumidifiers and hard work to mop away every last drop of water. At the end of every job, we help with solutions to disinfect the affected area to prevent mould growth.

Fire & Smoke Restoration

Though the greatest danger has passed after a fire has successfully been extinguished, immediate cleanup and restoration work is necessary to prevent harmful corrosives and odours from seeping through your home. A restoration technician can identify problem areas and perform the detailed work to scrub away residue that, if left alone, could cause more damage.

Mould & Mildrew

A buildup of mould or mildew in your home can remain hidden for months or even years, perhaps not even until the symptoms of breathing unhealthy air become apparent.

When mould is discovered, it is important to allow a restoration specialist to assess the threat, as attempting to remove it without proper protection equipment can be extremely hazardous. Grief Relief follows the necessary procedures to carefully eliminate the buildup of mould, and to sanitize the area to prevent future problems.

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“Last spring, part of our basement flooded. We fixed the leak, but the smell stayed and drove me nuts! Gord came the next morning, inspected the carpet and then got busy. Within an hour, the odour was completely gone. Now my carpet smells brand new … and it looks like it too!”

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